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Top 5 Key Differences Between Ride Sharing and Taxi Services

Top 5 Key Differences Between Ride Sharing and Taxi Services

We’re living in an age of innovation. All industries including transportation are experiencing great changes. There are new and creative ways to get around. If you’re in Toronto, you have the option of taking ride sharing or using taxi services in Toronto.

What’s the difference anyway?

Before deciding which one to use, you should try to understand the different options available.

Cab services are everywhere in and around the city. They are operated by companies that place various restrictions on the cars and drivers in their fleet. These restrictions may include the type of car and the area the driver serves in.

They have come a long way. In addition to the traditional metered car, there are vehicles that you can hire for a flat fee and thus control your spending. They also offer much more including luxury vehicles, airport pick up, and medical transportation. Many companies also include various amenities to better meet the needs of their clients. These include Wi-Fi, online booking, and much more.

Ridesharing is one of the latest means of transport. Its popularity has risen with the introduction of Apps such as Uber and Lyft. Ridesharing allows private car owners to use their vehicles to earn some extra cash. These drivers aren’t professionals. Passengers are able to request a ride using an app and the drivers in the area respond to pick up the passenger.

Why you should take a taxi

If you’re planning a trip in or around Toronto, you should consider taxi services in GTA for the following reasons:

  1. Insurance cover

Taxi services in Toronto are required to have third party liability insurance. This means that if an accident occurs and you are injured, your treatment and rehabilitation will be covered under insurance.

  1. Drivers are subjected to background checks

This means you are safer when you use a cab. You can trust that your driver’s criminal and driving history have been thoroughly checked. These companies only hire drivers with clean records.

  1. They are professional

If you want to experience high quality, there’s no better option than to choose highly rated cab companies. The drivers are trained and required to adhere to a certain standard or set of guidelines. You can be sure of getting the red carpet treatment with a good service.

  1. Greater control of the type of car

When requesting a car, you can choose the type of car you get. This gives you greater control over your trip and your level of comfort. If you’re travelling as a large group or with a lot of luggage, you can opt for a larger vehicle so you can travel together.

  1. More amenities

Modern taxis come with a wide variety of features to meet the needs of customers. These include Wi-Fi and much more. You can stay connected while traveling and put finishing touches on that report.

Whether it is in city or out of city travelling, you’ll find taxis available to take you anywhere. Modern cab companies have extended their services to more than just 24/7 availability. The modern service offers Wi-Fi connectivity and much more. If you’re planning a trip in or around Toronto, then you should use GTA Cabs. Call (416) 482-000 or book your cab online today.