Passenger Vans / SUV

Passenger Vans / SUV

GTA Cab has a wide range of vehicles in the Greater Toronto Area including passenger minivans & SUV’s to help you ride in style. Choose from our wide range of vehicles, one will surely accommodate all your needs. Our passenger vans / SUV can hold many individuals, so if you’re travelling in a group or with family and friends, passenger vans / SUV are perfect for you. Plan family trips or an outing with your friends; you don’t have to worry about space. Our comfortable vehicles are spacious and clean, providing the perfect atmosphere. The passengers vans go through regular inspections to ensure your safety. At GTA Cab our number one goal is to a stress free, punctual commute.


Passenger vans / SUV

6 Seats

  • Can seat up to 6 people
  • Excellent for families
  • Good cargo space
  • Safe

7 Seats

  • Can seat 7 people
  • Excellent for families and friends
  • Spacious
  • Safe
  • 8 Seats

8 Seats

  • Spacious vehicle can hold up to 8 people
  • Good for large groups
  • Excellent for long distance
  • Family vehicle
  • Safe

11 Seats

  • Good for family vacations/ road trips
  • Spacious vehicle
  • Inquire about corporate events
  • Safe

14 Seats

  • This is the largest passenger van / SUV, can seat up to 14 people
  • Spacious
  • Excellent cargo space
  • Inquire about corporate events
  • Safe

All our vehicles have passed safety inspections, and are in excellent condition. Select the vehicle that best suits your needs. For any further questions feel free to contact us:


If you are ready for a comfortable journey, and an excellent experience contact us today, or book online.