Protecting Your Little Ones During Travel

Booster Seats For Toddlers

Protecting Your Little Ones During Travel With Booster Seats

For customers traveling with children, GTA Cab offers protection in the form of child and booster seats during transportation. We’re proud to offer this additional service to our GTA taxi customers at no additional cost – just request the appropriate seat for your child, and we’ll take care of the rest*. It’s never been simpler to ensure comfortable, safe travel for your entire family.

Choosing the Right Seat For Toodlers To Have Safe & Comfortable Ride

Unsure what type of child or booster seat you’ll need to protect your little one during travel? We can help with car seats for toddlers in Toronto.

According to Transport Canada, babies and toddlers should be placed in rear-facing car seats. In fact, the organization urges parents to keep their children in rear-facing seats as long as possible, even if not mandated by provincial law.

To install a rear-facing seat, simply place it in the rear seat of the vehicle and ensure that the back is at a 45-degree angle. Ensure that there is at least one inch of space between the top of your child’s head and the top of the seat, and use the appropriate anchoring/securement method (Universal Anchor System, seatbelt only or seatbelt plus locking clip).

If your child is too large for a rear-facing seat, but does not meet the weight requirements for a booster seat, he or she should be in a forward-facing seat in the rear of the vehicle during travel. Forward-facing seats use similar anchor systems to rear-facing seats, and sometimes include a rear tether that can be anchored to the rear window deck.
Children weighing a minimum of 18 kg/40 lbs. can sit in a booster seat secured appropriately within the vehicle. Booster seats should be installed in the rear of the vehicle, and care must be taken to ensure the seatbelt is buckled correctly.

Whether you’re traveling with an infant, or your child has graduated to a booster seat, GTA Cab can help ensure safe, comfortable travel with car seats for toddlers in Toronto. Make an online reservation now with our 24-hour/7-day per week transportation service.

*Additional charges may apply/*Subject to availability