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Tipping Taxi Drivers in Toronto

In general, as with servers at restaurants, the average expected tip for a driver for a cab company in Toronto is about 15%. 10-20% of your cab fare is typically acceptable, depending on service, length of the ride, and whether or not you had the driver wait on you at any time in the ride.

If you’ve hired a GTA taxi, and you’re going more than one place before they drop you off for good, you’ll want to tip them a little bit higher, especially if you’re stopping to pick up friends or coworkers along the way. You can ensure that you’ll get better service and faster pickups if you tip well and get your driver’s personal card. This will have his direct number on it. Since he knows you’re a good tipper, he’ll choose you over other fares, and you’ll get better service.

If you take a taxi cab in Toronto often, eventually, you’ll get to know the drivers who work in the areas and times where and when you travel. If you don’t tip well, you can expect long waits for anyone to pick you up. GTA taxi drivers depend on their tips for their income. Picking up fares that don’t tip them well means they lose money and may have trouble paying their bills. If you get to be known as a good tipper, you’ll have drivers racing to pick you up. You’ll never be late for work or a party, and your driver will be more likely to find the fastest, cheapest routes to get you where you’re going.

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