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The Benefits of Sharing a Cab

Whether you’re flying into Toronto for a visit, or you’ve lived here your whole life, you may find yourself in need of a Greater Toronto Area, or GTA, taxi. Now, taxi fares can get pretty expensive, especially if you’re traveling the thirty kilometers between Pearson Airport and downtown Toronto. Next time you fly into town, consider sharing a cab on your way downtown.

Now, you may be thinking, “But I’ll have just gotten into town? How can I share a taxi?” Well, guess what, everyone around you in the airport will have just gotten into town, too, and a lot of them will be heading downtown, just like you. Look for a friendly face – there are a lot of them in Toronto – and strike up a conversation. If you make a friend at the airport and share a cab, your fare just went from around $50-60 down to about $25-30 (plus tip, of course).

If you’re out and about downtown on a busy night, you’ll find a lot of people calling and waiting for cabs. Toronto is a busy city, and GTA taxi drivers can get overloaded on weekends and holidays with extra fares from people visiting and going out on the town. If you and your friends share a cab, or if you share one with someone you meet who’s also waiting on a taxi cab in Toronto, you’ll all save money. The more people share cab rides, the more convenient it is for the cab drivers, too.

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