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Connect on the Go: Free Wi-Fi While Traveling with GTA Cab

In today’s fast-paced business world, work doesn’t stop for travel. How often have you been driving and heard your phone or tablet alert you that you’ve just received an email? And how many times have you wished for a fast Wi-Fi connection when you were riding a train or bus to your destination? Sure, you can wait until you arrive at work or at home to respond or to upload that important report that your boss wants ASAP…but wouldn’t it be better to do it right now? That’s why, at GTA Cab, we offer in-car Wi-Fi upon request in our cabs.

When you take a GTA taxi instead of driving yourself or maneuvering and navigating through the Toronto public transit system, you automatically buy yourself some extra time for productivity. However, you may not want to use your monthly allotted data to send and receive emails or to upload files for work. That’s not a problem when you choose GTA because our in-car Wi-Fi service comes at no extra charge.

Select vehicles in our fleet of GTA taxis that offer free 4G LTE wireless hotspots from the largest LTE network in Canada, allowing you to connect to the Internet without using any of your own data allotment and at no extra charge at all.

So, if you want to enjoy a luxury GTA taxi ride with the freedom to check in and upload pictures and posts to social media, keep in touch with your employees, coworkers, and/or supervisors, and upload important documents on the go, look no further than GTA Cab. With our complimentary in-car Wi-Fi service, you can be connected and productive throughout your commute. Call our office or order online for 24/7 transportation services with free Wi-Fi!