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Add a Little Internet To Your Commute With GTA WIFI Service

GTA Cab, a taxi and limousine service that serves Caledon, Brampton, Vaughan and surrounding areas throughout York, Peel and the GTA, is bringing more accessible options to its taxis and performing their testing right here in Caledon.

Caledon Taxi WIFI

“Caledon is known to have connectivity issues and is the perfect environment to test our solution,” said Harmeet Rai, spokesperson for GTA. “Caledon is also home to GTA Cab and it’s our way of giving back to the community.”
Caledon was the original site of the company, Rai said, so its owners and operators are very aware of many of the issues the mostly rural portion of the GTA can face, and the issues its commuters specifically struggle with. That is why they are thrilled to test their new internal Wi Fi system for their cars right here north of Mayfield.

“Being connected is important these days, especially for many of the professionals we’re seeing use our cars,” Rai said. “Being able to bring them this type of service during their commute makes their day, as well as their travel, much more efficient and comfortable.”

Not to mention the interior luxury standard in a GTA Cab.

The company is testing its service in the Caledon area presently, and asking customers to feel free to provide feedback through a short survey on their application.

Download the GTA app, and you can request a cab, and soon, a cab equipped with Wi Fi, nearly anywhere in the GTA.

Driver Irfan Khan toured Enterprise staff around Caledon without a single break in the signal strength. While details of what equipment and what provider they will eventually use is all part of the testing phase, Rai said the company is very pleased with the feedback they’ve heard so far.

“People are thrilled to be able to use it, and then further thrilled when they see how strong and consistent our signal strength is.”

Khan said he’s toured customers north of Barrie and as far as the Muskokas. Their signal?
“Strong the whole way,” he said. “Everyone has been very happy.”

While the service is in limited cars during testing, once the system is in place permanently it will spread to all of GTA’s vehicles.

GTA also provides accessible cabs for the disabled.

They can be contacted most easily through a downloadable Gata Hub app, a free consumer app customers can use to order on demand or schedule transportation. It will be equipped with a feature to select Wi Fi enabled vehicles and this feature will be released in the coming weeks. Read Original Source