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City To City Minivan Services in GTA

With so much to do in the Greater Toronto Area, you’ll want a GTA taxi service on call that will be able to take you around. The capital city of Ontario is simply too big to be traversed on foot if you want to see the many attractions it hosts. Keep reading for a better understanding of why the right GTA taxi can make a world of difference to your stay and why you should choose a minivan for larger groups.

Toronto is Too Big for Walking

To reiterate the above point about Toronto’s size, it might help to better put the city into perspective in order to understand the importance of a GTA taxi. Toronto is the fourth largest city in all of North America.

That’s only half the story though. Toronto, with a population greater than that of Chicago’s, has 8% of Canada’s total population. As such, you’ll want to have a GTA taxi service that can provide you with a minivan at your disposal. Otherwise, you’ll be forced to compete with any of the millions of people who may also need one.

The Convenience of GTA Taxi Minivans

If you have a group of over four people traveling with you in Toronto, you’ll need a minivan from your GTA taxi service. Even if you only have four, you might prefer a minivan as you’ll be afforded much greater space.
The alternative for a larger group is to split up and take separate GTA taxi cabs. But recall how many people are in the city. Waving down one GTA taxi will be hard enough. It could be quite a while before you’re able to catch another. If your group is traveling somewhere, you better hope punctuality isn’t important.

Separate cabs may also take different routes to get to the same place. So, again, everyone arriving at the same time will be unlikely.

Furthermore, with so many cab companies operating within the Greater Toronto Area, you could very well end up with two different services. If budgeting is a priority on your trip, this could make that goal a bit more difficult.

Save Money

Speaking of your budget, you’ll save a lot more money by traveling with a minivan. Although the rate per mile may be a bit higher to offset the amount of gas a minivan needs, it will still end up being far less than paying for two or more separate cabs to get you to your destination.

Extra Space

Even if you’re traveling with a smaller group, you may still want to avoid taking a sedan to your destination. Minivans offer far more space, which is great if you’re just leaving or going to the airport. You’ll have more than enough room for all your luggage and can still sit comfortably. If you’re traveling with babies, minivans are far more accommodating for your strollers and baby bag.

With large groups, cabs become cramped quickly and it’s easy to begin feeling claustrophobic. This is enough reason to prefer a minivan cab that will allow you to stretch out a bit more. But if you’re on your way to a special event or business function, that extra space may make the difference between appearing like a million bucks and looking like you just rolled out of bed. Most men prefer to remove their sports coats, for example, when they enter a car. With a minivan, you have room to hang it up or even lay it across your lap. With a traditional sedan cab, it’s unlikely that coat will look the same after riding with a large group of people. Women, too, can have their attire wrinkled or rumpled thanks to sharing one cab with a large group.

Considering you’ll always be near hotspots like the Toronto Eaton Centre, Bloor-Yorkville and Kensington Market, it’s understandable you may want to get some shopping done while you’re in Toronto. But what if your large group wants to join you? While a traditional GTA taxi may fit the bill, chances are you won’t be walking out of St. Lawrence Market or Honest Ed’s empty handed. By using a minivan service, you don’t have to worry about your new favorite apparel and products getting damaged on the way back. Use the trunk or extra floor and seat space to make sure you didn’t just waste your money.

Scheduling Your GTA Minivan Service

As soon as you know you’ll need a minivan in the Greater Toronto Area, you should schedule it. Even if it’s days in advance, most services will be happy to take your business and you won’t have to worry about getting stuck with a sedan.

The Greater Toronto Area is a wonderful place to explore with a large group of friends or family. To make the most out of your experience, request a minivan from the GTA taxi service you select. Not only will you have a ride to anywhere in Toronto, you’ll have far less to worry about too.

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