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How to Run a Taxi Business in North York: Have Clear Goals

There’s no shortage of companies available for people who want to hire a taxi in North York. So what’s going to set you above the rest? How are you going to be different from, and better than, a Vaughan taxi, or a Richmond Hill cab service? You need goals, both long term and short term.

Usually, long term goals fall in the areas of profit, growth, service, or social. A profit goal is, obviously, a goal that you set with the intention of increasing your profits. Growth goals relate to how you plan to expand your company, like adding new cars or expanding to a new area. Service goals focus on improving customer satisfaction, and social goals relate to what you’re going to give back to the community.

Your short term goals are the steps you take on the way to achieving the long term goals. In order for your short term goals to work, they have to be SMART. This means that they are:

Specific: Your goals have to be very detailed. For instance, if your growth goal is to add new cars, decide how many and set a time frame for the purchase of each one.

Measurable: How much are you going to spend on these new cars?

Action-oriented: Who is going to do what, and when? Who decides the make and model of the new cars? When will they begin consulting with dealerships in order to get the best deal? When will they report to you?

Realistic: Goals need to be challenging, but realistically achievable. You might want to add ten new cars to your fleet, but is five a more realistic goal, or are you setting the bar too low? Should you shoot for six?

Time-specific: Set a deadline – you want the new cars in the lot by a certain date, and everyone is going to have to do their part to see that it happens on time.

Consider the long term goals on a daily basis, and work on the short-term SMART steps.

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