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10 Frequent Taxi Tricks You Should Be Known Of

10 Frequent Taxi Tricks You Should Be Known Of

If you are travelling to a busy foreign city such as Oakville, you should always make travel arrangements in advance. Now that you are new here, the best option to get around is using Oakville taxi services for convenient and affordable travel. A modern transport service such as GTA Cab provides you with seamless and custom travel solutions wherever you want to go and at any time.

However, there are many other companies presumably offering travel services while in fact they are scams preying on unsuspecting foreigners. If you are making plans for a trip to the area, it is advisable to be forewarned about such scams to avoid losing money and also to guarantee your security.

When looking for the best taxi firm in Bolton, it is important to be aware of the following tricks that most drivers will try to use in order to take advantage of you.

Taxi Tricks to Take Care of

  1. Using Longer Routes – Some drivers will try to hoodwink you into taking a longer route in the pretext that you will enjoy a scenic drive. This is a ruse that you can easily avoid by researching on your destination and finding the shortest route.
  2. Bill Switch – This con involves a driver switching small bills with larger ones, which results in you losing a lot of dollars in the process. Make sure you have small bills with you always and count them keenly.
  3. No Loose Change – Again, don’t pay with large bills and especially your cab fare because you will most likely be told there is no loose change. Whether true or not, you will lose money.
  4. Extra Charges – Always confirm the total fare because in some cities extra fees are allowed and they include luggage, credit card fee payment among others.
  5. That Hotel is Closed – You arrive knowing very well where you are booked only to be convinced the establishment ceased operations. This trick requires you to pay more to be taken elsewhere. Always insist on being taken where you wanted.
  6. Over the Top Assistance – Of course, you want a driver who is helpful, but if you notice they are taking things too far, be aware you might be lured into a scam.
  7. Credit Card Fees – While they are very convenient, credit cards might not be accepted by some companies and they will involve a transaction fee. Always confirm the mode of payment beforehand.
  8. Unlicensed Drivers – Cheap is expensive and this maxim applies perfectly when choosing the best transportation in a new city. Don’t use any driver because of the low rates, instead demand for their license and affiliations with a reputable company.
  9. Gas Detours – Ask if the vehicle has enough gas before leaving because some drivers pretend to be running out of gas and add that time to your bill.
  10. Faulty Meters – If the meter is not working, try another service instead of trying to negotiate when you don’t even know the distance.

These are some of the well-known taxi tricks. If you want to save your money and time, avoid being taken by taxi scams. Follow and prepare yourself for your next taxi hire. Call GTA Cab for reliable taxi services at (416) 482-0000