Terms and conditions

If this application is made on behalf of a Limited Company, it must be signed by a signing officer of the Company i.e. President, Vice- President, Secretary, or Treasurer.

If credit is approved, the credit holder agrees to the following terms:

Charge Accounts – Terms and Conditions

1. That Credit privileges may be withdrawn at any time by GTA Cab Inc., and all monies due shall become payable immediately, plus all other charges arising out of necessary costs to recover same.

2. Charge accounts will be supplied with charge vouchers from GTA Cab Inc. An individual voucher must be given to the independent Contractor for each trip and the customer is responsible for completing the information on the slip. One copy of the voucher will be returned with your monthly statement.

3. The customer is solely responsible for the pre printed voucher in their care. These charge books are like cash and should be treated as such. GTA Cab Inc. will not be responsible for any unauthorized use of lost or stolen vouchers.

4. Accounts are billed on the 7th day of each month and are due and payable upon receipt.

5. Service Charge:
A minimum service charge of $5.00 is applied to accounts using less than $30.00 of taxi fares per month.
A 7% service charge is applied to accounts using $30.00 to $500.00 of taxi fares per month.
A 3% service charge is applied to all taxi fares in excess of $500.00 per month.

6. There is no administration fee charged where there is no use of taxi service within a monthly billing period.

7. An account unpaid by the last day of the month will be subject to a late penalty of 2% per month (24% P.A.) will apply 30 days after receipt of monthly statement.

8. To close an account the customer must notify GTA Cab Inc. in writing and return all unused taxi vouchers in their possession by Registered Mail or Personal Delivery to the person authorized to accept same in credit department of the head office of GTA Cab Inc. to ensure that there is no account activity.

9. If unused vouchers are lost or stolen the credit holder of such charge coupons is responsible for payment of same until receipt by the GTA Cab Inc. of such notifications or by written notice in Registered Mail.

10. The use of charge coupons after notice of cancellation is fraudulent and subjects user to legal proceedings.

11. Account holder agrees to notify GTA Cab Inc., within ten (10) days of change of address of change of employment.