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Focus on Ontario

GTA Consulting and Business Solutions (GTA CABS) main focus has been to bring the Taxicab and Limousine Industry up to date with technology trends in similar industry’s along with advocating solutions geared towards lowering operating costs for Drivers, Owner Operators, along with Brokerages.

Studies and concepts are being proven daily when techniques are being applied to participating Fleets and Brokerages.GTA Cab has been an active participant and prime example of how growth can be created in a market being dominated by outsiders such as new to market app/tech companies, and ‘gypsy’ unregulated vehicles that operate illegally daily. Studies indicate that consumers using transportation services are unaware of regulations commercial vehicles in the taxicab and limousine industry comply with to operate. Numbers of unlicensed, uninsured (commercially with $2,000,000 liability), and unsafe vehicles that are not checked by a licensed mechanic routinely are staggering.

As new app/tech companies enter the market also sometimes unaware of regulations and regularities to be complied with by the municipalities, they are adding to the problem and mess that had already existed with scoopers. ‘Scoopers’ are known to the industry as individuals operating illegally without municipal licensing considered to be stealing business from the regulated taxis and limos complying ensuring good business practice. Certain municipalities in Ontario have recently in the last few years increased staff within the Town/City about these issues to allow enforcement to ticket individuals not complying with By-Laws.

With obstacles like these for the common driver trying to earn a living, the Insurance Industry has not attempted to reward drivers for accomplishments. As rates have been on the rise within the last 10 years there has been no relief for good drivers ensuring safe travel complying with all rules and regulations of the industry. Companies like GTA Cab have been leading the industry in terms of implementing driver recruiting, and technology complimenting the vehicle with high rewards of efficiency. GTA Cab has also demonstrated a very low loss ratio over the year that is unheard of in the Industry. Safe driving has resulted in significant growth within the company operating in more than one municipality.

Recently Data Analytic sticks have been introduced to the Car Insurance market allowing the vehicle to send analytics of driving behaviour/patterns. The insurance industry has recognized that implementing the sticks can improve driving patterns/habits along with keeping vehicles conditioned and maintained. Companies have introduced 25% – 40% off insurance policies. Similarly Taxi Fleets, Limo Fleets and Brokerages in Ontario are advocating towards implementing this program recognizing the value in rewarding drivers instead of ‘grouping’ them with ones with bad records.