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Safety Tips for Ladies Booking a Taxi in Toronto

Whether traveling for work or for pleasure, female travelers need to take care to ensure their safety. There are many threats that can lurk in the dark after the sun has set, and it’s important to ensure safety at all times. Follow these tips to stay safer.

1. Choose a Female Driver – One of the most important things for both safety and peace of mind is to ensure that you’re driven by a female driver. At GTA, we staff female drivers for just this reason.

2. Get in the Car in a Public Area – Avoid getting into any vehicle in a dark or secluded area. Wait for your transportation in a well-lit, public space where you feel safe.

3. Check Wi-Fi Availability – Today, the Internet helps us stay safe and connected to others. Make sure that the transportation provider you choose offers free in-car Wi-Fi so you can update your friends and family in real time.

4. Never Sit in the Front – Always, always get into the back of the car. This provides distance between yourself and the driver and can enhance your safety.

5. Check the Company’s Reputation and Safety Record – Always check the transportation provider’s reputation and safety record. At GTA, we’re proud to be one of the safest companies in the Toronto area. Whether you’re taking a Mississauga cab, a Toronto taxi, a taxi to North York, a Markham or Caledon taxi, or a Richmond Hill cab, we do our utmost to ensure your safety and peace of mind at all times.

6. Check for Licensing – When your vehicle arrives, don’t be afraid to ask the driver for proof of licensing. They should have both a valid Canadian driver’s license, as well as an operator’s license from the company.

Follow these important tips and you’ll be safer when traveling throughout the GTA. And remember to always stay connected! Book your Wi-Fi cab now at GTA cab.
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