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How to Flag a Cab

As easy as it may sound flagging a cab during rush hour, bad weather, and late night after bars and clubs close can be one of the most stressful, frustrating, and time consuming things you do that day. During this experience consumers often encounter lack of vehicles, rude or picky drivers, along with chances of jumping aboard a gypsy or unlicensed vehicle. If it’s late enough or so cold that you’re ready to pay any price to get home or your next destination consumers often encounter the worst experience, whether the driver is rude or disgruntled from his previous rides causing forms of anxiety or the fact that the driver may be taking advantage of the situation trying to overcharge passengers due to a lack vehicles or increasing waiting times.

GTA Cab is introducing a new way to flag a taxi or limo from anywhere right from your smart phone. Partnering with GATA Labs they are introducing their clients to a new app that allows citizens and businesses to order, track, and (in future) pay right through the app. With the taxi limousine industry being plagued with APP developers aiding an unregulated market GATA Labs is allowing companies like GTA Cab to bring accessibility along with reliability to customers.

Instead of guessing where your cab is or wondering if it’s even on the way at all GATA Hub will locate your vehicle with real time GPS tracking. Consumers will soon be able to pay through the app that provides a copy of your receipt that you can store instead of worrying to get one from the driver. HarmeetRai ‘Consultant’ with GATA Labs believes that “Consumers have enough things to worry about, the process getting into taxi or limo should be simple and mindless. Consumers should not have to worry about whether the driver’s municipal license is up to date, whether the vehicle has been inspected, or whether the driver even has up to date insurance.” GATA Labs has vowed to bring relief to the industry introducing an app that brings the same accessibility as tech trendy apps such as Uber and Hailo currently operating in the city of Toronto. GATA Labs will only be introducing their dispatch and app technology to Brokerages operating in accordance with municipality by-laws.President of GTA Cab is excited to introduce this technology to their customers believing in GATA Labs product from the pilot stage.

GATA Hub app should be available for GTA Cab customers in time for the busy holiday season. GTA Cab currently takes calls from their direct line 416.GTA.0000, customers can book online their website at or email them directly at [email protected]. GTA Cab can let you know when you call in how far the closest taxi is, along with estimated pricing utilizing GATA Labs technology.