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Future of Traditional Taxi Services in Canada

Future of Traditional Taxi Services in Canada

Traditional taxi services remain the most popular mode of transport in all Canadian cities. They are convenient, affordable, versatile and flexible. Companies such as GTA Cab provide exceptional travel experiences by employing highly trained drivers who are not only professional but also trustworthy. The best in the industry have also invested heavily in modern cars for their fleet, which has lured more people to hire them.

Whether you are rushing to a meeting or you want to take a leisurely drive round the wine country in Toronto, taxi services in Toronto are primed to be versatile. These are just some of the reasons that have pushed people away from personal cars, car rental and public transport to choose cabs. No wonder then that this segment has consistently grown over the years with more investors injecting their money and more people getting employed in the sector as drivers, customer attendants, auto technicians among others.

Changing Times in the Business

While the sector is still experiencing growth, there are unique challenges emerging from the entry of technology powered ride sharing. For an industry that has been growing for decades without any threat, it is necessary to craft a new strategy to deal with this unique challenge. Uber and Lyft leverage technology to deliver more outstanding experiences that are also cheaper.

This has given the Canadian consumer more options that leave players with a big hurdle to overcome. These new operators run outside existing regulation and they are thus able to deliver exquisite transportation without worrying about the usual restrictions that local transportation firms have to contend with.

What’s The Next Course of Action?

One of the biggest problems for cabs in the country is the lack of level playing field and if this is not resolved the sector, which has been a key pillar of the economy is going to collapse. As things stand, regulations need to be relaxed and the new players must also face supervision to protect consumers and traditional taxi services.

A lot has to be done including change in the way license plates are issued and preferably issuing these faster. The prices also need to come down and limits on the number of operators in a city should be relaxed.

The Way Forward

The entry of Transportation Network Companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft should not just be viewed as a threat but rather an inspiration for change. Old players must adopt new technologies in order to compete with these new firms. Such technology is improving quality of travel, reducing waiting time, cutting costs of operations and offering more convenience.

These new companies also have clean and modern cars and their drivers are better trained even in customer service. However, there is also need for them to operate within the confines of the law just like other operators.

Taxi industry in Canada and around the world has become competitive since the inception of competitors like Uber, Lyft and many more. However, traditional taxi assures you the best experience and safety. To book your next taxi, call GTA Cab at (416) 482-0000.