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5 Great Places to Enjoy the Outdoors in Caledon

Are you planning a trip to the Greater Toronto Area? There is a lot to do and see in the GTA. However, many tourists miss out on experiencing what the region really has to offer as they restrict their activities to Toronto. However, other towns in the GTA have a lot to offer.

Caledon is one town that you should make time for when you visit this region. The town is located in the Regional Municipality of Peel. While it is developing at a fast pace, it is still considered primarily rural.

There is a lot to see and do while in Caledon. This includes:

1. Charles Mack Park

This is one of the most popular tourist sites in Caledon. The park consists of 13 acres of the Belfountain Conservation Area. However, unlike other conservation parks, this park is considered an unusual space.

The space not only features a stunning natural landscape but also a series of suspension bridges and tunnels that are its trademark. The park is named after its founder who was also the inventor of the rubber stamp. He was considered somewhat eccentric and bought the property as part of his plan to build various quirky attractions for visitors. These include a miniature Yellowstone cave and Niagara Falls.

2. Island Lake Conservation Area

This is a great place to visit for fishing enthusiasts. Located in Orangeville, the area plays host to bass fishing derbies and a wide variety of other water sports including kayaking and canoeing. The area boasts a 400-acre reservoir suitable for different water sporting activities. There are also various heated ice fishing huts available for rent on the side.

If you prefer to keep your feet on land, you can take advantage of hiking opportunities in the park. Take a walk across the kilometer-long bridge and experience the stunning landscape of Orangeville up-close.

3. Terra Cotta Conservation Area

This area is known for the clay rock formations and natural vistas that are spread throughout as well as the winding roads. It was named Terra Cotta, meaning baked earth, for the clay formations that have made the area so popular.

Visitors to the area can also enjoy a wide variety of activities including bird watching, ice skating, yoga in the park during the summer as well as snow shoeing. There are a wide variety of activities to suit different interests.

4. The Bruce Trail off the Gore Road

If you like to take long walks and experience nature firsthand, you’ll appreciate the Caledon’s most famous trail, the Bruce Trail. The trail stretches over 22 kilometers. It starts off on The Gore Road and takes hikers through some of the most scenic parts of Caledon’s natural forest. Hikers climb northeast to the Albion Hills. You get to experience the best of natural Canadian outdoors for free.

5. Palgrave Mill Pond

This famous community ice rink was created by Ken ‘Ice Angel’ Hunt. However, it isn’t abuzz with activity only in the winter. The ice rink becomes a scenic pond in the summer and sets the perfect background for enjoying the summer sun. The rink was formed by damming the Humber River. This river is teeming with life. The pond in the summer therefore offers a great place to view natural river life up-close.

Caledon offers a wide variety of activities to suit different preferences. If you are planning to visit the GTA, make sure that it is on your list of places to visit. Be sure to also book a taxi with GTA Cab and ensure you take all the sights and sounds of Caledon in before you leave.