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5 Factors to Take Care of While Booking an Airport Shuttle service

5 Factors to Take Care of While Booking an Airport Shuttle service

Every visitor flying into the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) should appreciate the need for advance planning for transport from the Airport. Many visitors find themselves stranded for hours without finding a bus or a cab. This is one reason to use airport shuttle transfer to avoid such inconvenience.

Whether you are jetting in or out for business or leisure, you will be competing for available transportation services with thousands of other visitors. This is why pre-booking a taxi service in Brampton is such a great idea. To appreciate why more travellers are using shuttle services, consider the following advantages:

  • Affordability: Hiring a cab when you are alone is expensive and this makes a shuttle service in the area an affordable alternative. There are no extra charges even if you get stuck in traffic.
  • Reliability: You might be forced to wait for hours before you find a cab and with your luggage and jet lag, this is not the most convenient way to start your visit. A shuttle is there on time and the company even tracks your flight and notifies you in case of any delays.
  • Group packages: If you are in a group, there are special booking packages to take you to your destination and pick you when you want to fly.

With this in mind, there are other factors you should consider when you book taxi service in Toronto. Take a look:

  1. Reputation of the company: Always use a company that is well established and you can verify this by reading online reviews. GTA Cab has been providing reliable Brampton taxi to airport for years and has built a reputation for excellent services.
  2. Pickup points: There are fixed pickup points and you need to consider this when booking. Make sure the pickup points are close to your destinations to avoid inconvenience.
  3. Book early: These are the most popular form of transport in GTA and with so many arrivals, you have to confirm your reservation to avoid getting stranded. Read reviews and testimonials from other users.
  4. Vehicle size: You need to confirm the number of people in your group beforehand to avoid getting stuck at the airport. Always communicate early about any unique requirements you have to avoid inconveniencing others.
  5. 24/7 service: Go for a company that offers 24/7 taxi services in case your plane lands very early or at night.

These tips will help you find a cab company Toronto that suits your needs. Looking to book an Airport shuttle service in Brampton? GTA Cab will help you. Call us at 416-482-0000 or book your airport shuttle transfer online via